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Val d'Allos
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Protected by the summits of la Grande Séolane (2909 m) and of Trois Evêchés (2818m), this area offers a wide variety of slopes and landscapes on the edge of the Mercantour National Park. One jumps from one side to another, in valleys of hilly, sunny side of the shady side. Combined with the resort of Val d'Allos-Le Seignus, Espace Lumière offers grand views. The gaze is on the Mont Ventoux in the west and Mount Viso in the east. On clear days, it is even the Sainte Victoire mountain that can be seen in the distance. The Espace Lumière, by its exposure and its extent is also a high place of off-piste skiing in mountain areas or along safe routes.
Forfait de ski Val d'Allos

Opening / Snow level / Weather

Opening: Station fermée

Snow level down the resort: NC
Snow level at the top of the resort :NC

Weather : NC

Forfait de ski Val d'Allos
Forfait de ski Val d'Allos

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Val d'Allos - La Foux

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