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Brides Les Bains
Ski accommodation

Ski accommodation in : Brides Les Bains

An exceptional domain, accessible to all The world's largest ski area, accessible to skiers of all levels : 600 kms of ski runs over 40 000 hectares, totalling some 400km² (4 times greater than the surface area of Paris). 330 marked alpine ski runs: (13% green, 39% blue, 38% red and 10% black). A ski area designed as much for seasoned skiers as it is for beginners and children.
Forfait de ski Brides Les Bains

Opening / Snow level / Weather

Opening: Non connu

Snow level down the resort: NC
Snow level at the top of the resort :NC

Weather : NC

Forfait de ski Brides Les Bains
Forfait de ski Brides Les Bains
Webcam de la station Brides Les Bains

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